GIS, Graphics & Cartography

Envicom Corporation's has a long history of being at the forefront of mapping and graphic technologies. Our staff of graphic artists and cartography professionals draw upon 40 years of experience to create exhibits, computer graphics and animation, maps, scale models, visual simulations.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provides a means of accessing, analyzing and displaying spatial Information in a highly accurate and repeatable format. Our staff utilize GIS tools to support resource management and planning processes that include viewshed analysis, constraints analysis, site suitability analysis, 3-D visual analysis, special-status species surveys, constraints and opportunity analyses, wetland delineation and habitat conservation planning, CAD/GIS data integration and conversion, digital mapping, incorporation of Google Earth/SketchUp with GIS, as well as executing the seamless integration of GIS with rugged field GPS technology. The tools are both helpful and critical to determining practical paths and plans to monitor, manage, and mitigate environmental impacts resulting from implementation of development projects.

Cartographic Mapping Services Include:

  • Vegetation Mapping

  • Jurisdictional and Wetland Mapping

  • Resource Impact Analysis

  • Land Use Analysis

  • Mitigation Planning and Design

  • 3-Dimensional Visual Simulations

  • Database Creation, Organization and Management

  • Superior Cartographic and Digital Mapping

GPS combined with GIS provides a means for comprehensive analysis of environmental concerns and trends that can be efficiently recognized, analyzed, monitored, and mapped. Envicom Corporation has integrated sub-meter GPS technology for our staff's use in field surveys and data collection. Our experience includes mapping of biological resources, trustee agency jurisdictional delineations, sensitive species surveys, protocol surveys and field monitoring of restoration and construction sites.

Staff at Envicom Corporation are trained and experienced in the use of GIS and GPS technologies, including the latest version of ArcGIS, Trimble GeoXT, TerraSync, and Pathfinder Office. Staff capabilities also include the following:

  • ArcGIS Extensions including 3-D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Publisher

  • ArcObjects development capabilities

  • Integration of Google Software including Google Earth Pro SketchUp, and Google Maps