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Envicom Corporation is a full-service provider for cultural resource management. Envicom can complete Archaeological, Architectural, and Paleontological record searches, field surveys, evaluations, and inventories. Envicom staff can also provide Native American Sacred Sites Record Searches, and Native American Consultation. Envicom can complete all major cultural resource technical reports, including specialized reports, such as Bureau of Land Management Ethnographic Studies, and Indirect Effect Reports. Envicom staff has extensive experience with archaeological site testing, data recovery, and construction monitoring. Other specialized cultural resource studies include Treatment Plans and Mitigation Plans, GIS Predictive Modeling, and HABS / HAER documentation.

Drone Aerial Imagery

Drone Aerial Imagery


California Environmental Quality Act
(CEQA) Products include:

  • Cultural Resource, Architectural, and Paleontological Field Surveys

  • Architectural Evaluations and Inventories

  • Cultural, Paleontological, and Native American Construction Monitoring

  • Cultural, Architectural, and Paleontological Archival Record Searches

  • Native American Sacred Sites Record Searches

  • Paleontology Evaluations and Reports

  • Coordination with Native American Groups

  • Archaeological Site Testing and Data Recovery Analysis and Mitigation

  • Construction Phase Monitoring and Management Plans

  • Bureau of Land Management and Agency-Specific Reports and Plans

Envicom projects include residential, commercial, office, mixed-use, and industrial developments; entertainment facilities; educational campuses; highway, transit, and airport facilities; infrastructure and utility improvements; surface mines; resource restoration projects; and planning documents (such as general plans, specific plans, redevelopment plans and updates or amendments to these plans). We are equally experienced in assessing developments proposed in previously undeveloped, rural areas, as we are with urban infill, revitalization, and densification projects. Our seasoned staff is highly adept at successfully completing the environmental review process for smaller projects as well as complex projects and proposed developments of high public interest.

Additionally, our in-house Air Quality and Noise analysis capabilities are at times supplemented by outside firms. We team with only the highest quality professional firms, choosing the appropriate partners based upon the project and our client's needs and preference, resulting in the most efficient and effective team for the job.

Field Analysis

Field Analysis